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Places to Visit


It is one of the most important cities of the ancient Lycian civilization. The Olympos Bey Mountains, which cover the south coast, form a part of the national park. It is located on the western edge of the Taurus mountain range. The snow on the hill and the green pine and cedar trees on the beach, the Mediterranean turquoise color is here. It is 40 minutes walking distance from Rüya Villen Park.


Adrasan is a touristic settlement with a population of 3000, 90 km southwest of Antalya. Even though its name was changed to Çavuşköy in the early 1960s, local people still use it as Adrasan and they made legal attempts to revert its name to its former state. Many civilizations in the region have described Adrasan with different names. In the book written by the great Ottoman sailor Piri Reis, the other name of Adrasan Port is also mentioned as Venetian Port.

There are orange groves, pomegranate trees, olive trees in the Adrasan plain. Most of the local people are engaged in greenhouse cultivation. Tourism is increasing in the region and the best service is provided to the local and foreign tourists. The number of hotels and hostels is increasing day by day. good proof.

Çıralı - Phaselis (Ancient city) - Tahtalı Mountain Cable Car (2365 meters) trip – Çıralı

The Tahtalı Cable Car, which is located in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, where safety and security is above everything, and the visit to the summit by watching the wild forest and unique cedar trees, partly above the clouds, the steep slopes, valleys and wild animals, gives its guests unforgettable moments. .

Çıralı - Myra - Santa Claus - Demre - Üçağız - Castle - Sunken City – Kekova Çıralı

Arykanda and Kekova are at a distance where you can go and return as one day, and they have a rich historical structure. And there are many ruins. Roman baths Theater, sarcophagi emerging from the waters, ancient ruins under the sea and countless beautiful coves. These are just a few of the countless beauties you'll find at these two different spots.

Çıralı - Chimera (Yanartas)

A one-hour walk from our hostel. Chimera with flames coming out of its mouth is the most important symbol of our village and even the whole Lycian region. Dusk is the best time to see this still-breathing beast. The stone-paved path is easy for people of all ages to walk.

Cable Car - Tahtali

Europe's longest cable car system, located in Antalya/Kemer, was opened in July 2007, with a length of 4350 meters, rising from 726 meters to 2365 meters with a magnificent view in 11 minutes. The Dream is 30 km from Villen Park.

The Gelidonya Lighthouse

It can be reached by going through a dirt road, 7 km of which is in a pine forest, from the village of Karaöz. There are 3-4 fountains on this road. Since it is not a very long route, you can swim in the sea by following the paths that go down to the bays on the right. Melanippe (Pirate Bay) is the last of these bays. From here, until the Gelidonya Feneri turn, the road continues with a slight elevation. Already, the 'Gelidonya Lighthouse 2 km' sign will direct you. From this turn, a winding and steep exit awaits you. At the end of the exit, Gelidonya Lighthouse will greet you.

The perfect place to watch the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening.


Many restaurant establishments are waiting for you in Ulupınar to have your meal while watching the ice-cold water flowing under your feet in the shade of Ulupınar plane trees. We recommend that you do not leave Cirali without eating especially fresh trout in one of the private establishments where all kinds of catering services are offered.

Entertainment (Bar -Disco)

25 minutes from the beach to Çıralı. It is possible to find entertainment venues for all tastes at Olimposta, which is within walking distance. Olimpos's shabby and bar cafes, which have an interesting construction with tree houses, are very satisfying for young people and those who feel young.

For those who want to increase their entertainment alternatives, Kemer is only 40 km away with its lively nightlife.

There are other alternatives in Çıralı, such as jeep safari, walking tours in nature, cycling and camel tours.