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The town of CIRALI, connected to Antalya Kemer, attracts people's attention with its historical richness as well as its "sun, sea and natural beauties". There is the ancient city of Olympos at its south end and Yanartas (Chimera) at its northwest.

The Çıralı coast, which is one of the cleanest places in the Mediterranean, is 3.2 km long. Its width varies between 50-100 meters. The beach rises with a gentle slope from the sea. It is bordered by cliffs at both ends. In general, it has a fine grained high quality sand structure. The stream coming through the ancient city of Olympos at its southern end joins the sea with the sea.

You can easily enjoy the sea and sunbathe in Çirali, where the sea is very clean. The fact that there is very little construction adds a different beauty to the region. The tallest building has 3 floors.

Some historical and touristic places in our environment:
Olympos, Chimera (Yanartas)(Khimaira), Ulupınar, Adrasan, Phaselis