The Road of Lycia

The Road of Lycia

The Road of Lycia


This walking route consists of paths that begin from "Fethiye" and reach up to "Antalya", and is located on the peninsula "Teke", called "Lycia" in history. In 1992, the road work of "Lycia" began, and was opened in 1994 by Kate Clow.


This walking route is shown by different sources, one of the best walking routes for long distances. The view from the lighthouse "Helidonia", which is located on the path, was chosen the best view in Turkey in 2007. Also, on the American Gulf the first underwater excavation was made, in which the ship was completely emptied.


There is an opportunity to stay in places that are on the path. The entire track is marked, and is renewed by sponsors and volunteers.

In the first part of the Lycia road, there are village "Uzunyurt (Faralya)", village "Dodurga", and the towns "Sdjama", "Pynara" - "Letoon" - "Khantos" and the old port area called "Pataraia" with its small sands. In the second part, there are Antipollos, Apollonia, Simena, Myra, Limirae, Rodiapolis, Gadi, Melanippe, Helidonia, Edrassa, Olympos, Kimera and Phaselis.

Olympos — Musa Mountain - The Path "Lost City"


This track takes 5 hours there and back, and begins from Olympos and ends at the summit (780 m) of the Musa mountain. At the summit of the mountain, the remains of the ancient city "Olympos" are seen, which is considered one of the first settlements of Lycia. At the same time, you can relax a little in front of the sight of "Adrasan".


Track "Olympos-Chyraly-Ulupynar"


This path, surrounded by plane trees and rivers, takes 5 hours, and starts from Olympos and ends in Ulupynar, which is famous with its fish restaurants.


The path "Olympos-Adrasan"


On this path of the road "Lycia", you can climb the mountain "Musa", and visit the "Lost City", and finish the walk on the beach "Adrasan". This track takes 7 hours.


Track "Olympos-Cennet"


This path, passing between historic buildings, continues on the waterfront and has interesting views. The path runs between the walls on which climbers climb, and ends in a forest overlooking the Gulf of Genoa.


Track "Karaoz-Adrasan"


This track is one of the best tracks, passing from the lighthouse "Helidonia" and has a very beautiful sea view. Takes 7 hours.