Places Worth Visiting

Places Worth Visiting

Village of Ulupynar


One of the places in Kemer, Antalya, which have infinitely natural beauty, is the village of Ulupynar. Ulupyna, located on the Antalya-Kumluca highway and 3 km to Cirali, is known for its restaurants, fish farms and water from the Toros, which is even cold in the summer. You can see the nature here and live this beauty. The village "Ulupynar" intersects with the road "Lykia-Olympos", which hosts at least 500 tourists every day.




The fishes are distributed from here to the restaurants, which are in in this area. In 50 basins, 300.000 trouts are producing per year. At the poolside thousands of domestic and foreign tourists come to this place and eat trout every day. There are also alternatives. Meat on a sheet and quail in the first place.




Ulupynar - a small beautiful village, built on the foothills of Olympos and known with cold waters and green, located on 20 minutes from Chirali.




What to do in Phaselis?




Phaselis, located near the village of Tekirova and 45 minutes from the "Chyrali", which is the Lycian ancient city, has very natural beauty.

The history of Phaselis is based on the 7th century BC. The city remained under the domination of Persian, Alexander the Great, Ptolemy, the Kingdom of Rhodes, Pirate Zeniketes.


The city in 42-year BC became the center of the diocese during Byzantium. Rhodian in 693-m year BC was used as a port city.


The ancient city of Phaselis has 3 ports. And also it is worth to see the port street connecting two ports to each other with columns, a theater located on the side of the sea, and in the back there is a small hill, the Roman baths, agora, acropolis on the hill, aqueducts and Hadrian's gate, which is made in honor of him and his visit.




What to do in Olympos?


The ancient city of Olympos has 2 entrances, one of them from the sea side and the other on the ground. When you begin to walk the ancient city of Olympos on the south side, you will see the Acropolis and the monumental grave on the right, where there is a steep slope.


You can see many historical ruins in the wetlands of Olympos. For those who come from the sea, there is a bed of flow from the left, and on the river there is a historical bridge from historical times. On against the river, there is a basilica from the Byzantines. Following the road, at the end you will see the entrance door to the ruins of Olympos.


If you come back from here, then you meet the Roman Temple. You will see the plinth here. The left side of the path is covered with water.


The path after a few meters enters the waterway, at the end of the waterway, you meet a monumental grave and 2 rock tombs. At the end of the road, again you will come to where the walk began, the Acropolis. We advise you to enjoy the view of the Acropolis for the fact that the Acropolis is on a hilly terrain.


Olympos's beach is also very beautiful. It is full of tourists who lie all day and sunbathe.



What to do in Adrasan?


Adrasan Bay, 30 minutes from Cirali, has a wonderful beach with a length of 2 km and the encirclement of the bay is covered with pine trees. With this feature, Ardasan beach is one of the most tranquil beaches of this area.


In Adrasan in the summer it is not so hot, and thanks to the winds that blow in the morning hours from the sea, and after noon overland, the scorching effect of summer decreases.


Adrasan's Gulf is the point of meeting of the fish and blue travel ships for being in a place where protection against the high seas and winds ..


If you follow the coast from the right, after a walk that takes 45 minutes, you will reach the lighthouse of Adrasan.


This is ideal for those who love hiking.


Also, Adrasan is an ideal place for diving. The pure water of Adrasan presents you the possibility of diving.

So, the species of fish is more than in other places.

At Cape Helidonia, located at the entrance to the Gulf of Adradan, there are flooded things from Phoenicians from 1500 BC.

Scuba diving is forbidden in this area, but the coasts of Uchadalar, to which 1.5 can be reached by boat, are very popular for scuba diving enthusiasts.

In the village, which is 4 km inside the beach of Adrasan, you can find fresh fruits and vegetables in all seasons. Also, in the village there is a post office and grocery stores.


Goynuk Canyon


Canyon "Goynuk" is located 4 km from the popular resort area of ​​Kemer "Goynuk."


You can stroll around the day, enjoy hiking and trekking, and try the natural beauty of the area.


Most of the road "Lycia", which is recognized as one of the best trekking tracks, runs inside the Goynuk canyon. Also, Canyon "Goynuk" is the most suitable point of camping and a break along the entire road of "Lycia".


With excursions through the canyon "Goynuk" in groups or one by one, vacationers participate in games such as trekking, paintball, zip wire (on the wire run from one side to the other), in which entertainment and adrenaline.


On the way to the Goynuk canyon, there are natural pools and ponds for cooling. At the end of the canyon you will reach the main place; There you can swim and get cool in cold water, or climb the canyon on the rocks and watch waterfalls. Canyon "Goynuk" in April 2009, turned into an enterprise and began to serve professionally in tourism.


At the enterprise, security equipment is provided for entering the canyon and excursions are conducted with guides. At the entrance of the canyon, there are buffets, restaurants and various shops.




Plateau "Ucholuk"


The plateau "Ucholuk" is an ideal place, which is an hour's drive from Kemer and has natural beauty and pine trees, one of the natural beauties that are worth seeing, and very convenient for campers.


You can go to the plateau "Ucholuk" from Kemer on a stable road that is 37 km in length and goes between the pines. Plateau "Ucholuk", located at an altitude of 1500 m, is very rich in terms of fauna and flora.


Simple houses on a plateau in which there are no infrastructure systems, like electricity and telephone, are connected with pines, plane trees and cedars and provided with remarkable natural beauties.


Travel agencies, in the plateau "Ucholuk" from Kemer and other resorts, organizes excursions of camping and trekking.



Tahtali Dagh


One of the places where you need to take a walk and is in the popular park of Beydaglari. Tahtali dag is mountain and the highest point of the region with a height of 2365 m and is located on the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea.


Tahtali dag is one of the popular vacation spots, where you can climb the mountain on a cable car and enjoy a wonderful view.


Olimpos The teleferic (cable car), which is the second longest cable car line in the world, and the longest cable car line in Europe, connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Tahtali Dagh summit, which is at an altitude of 2365 m.


Before the Tahtali dag, you can reach the Olympos train in 10 minutes by the cable car and see the slogan "Sea to Sky".


When you reach Tahtali dag, you will find a very beautiful view. Here you can see the sunset, enjoy the clear air with a beautiful view and relax - the best options for holiday.


Also on Tahtali Dag, there are restaurant for 200 people, wedding hall, assembly hall, Shakespeare Mountain Bistro, paragliding, the possibility of sunbathe, terrace with binoculars and a panorama of the summit.


For those who like extreme sports, there are paths from the summit of Tahtali Dag to the village "Beycik" 4 hours walk, and to "Chukurayayla" 6 hours walk. These tracks give opportunities to those who likes walking and mountain biking.


The races, which are organising every year and called "Kemer Hard Enduro", begins on the coast and ends at the summit of Tahtali Dag.


The services of arablanderism, which are provided since 2011, draws the attention of those who practice paragliding professionally and as a hobby due to the fact that it is the longest path in the world.




Beldibi Cave


This archaeological protected area, in which the remnants of prehistoric eras in the region of Antalya, is between Antalya and Kemer and 19 km from Kemer. The cave, in which are the most expensive remains of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras, is worth seeing.


Cave "Beldibi", which is located at a height of 25 m from the sea and has a shelter under a rock near the coast, is located at the exit of the "Chamdag" tunnel on the coast road between Antalya and Kemer, and is located in the village "Oba".


Today, due to the fact that the cave is damaged a lot from natural destruction, additional layers were removed with rainwater and winds.


On earthworks in the cave "Beldibi", 6 layers were found which have mesolothic cultures and cremes of the late Paleolithic and Mesolithic epochs.